The skill of entrepreneurship is vital to the growth and success of any media program, and the more methods that a program can utilize to improve its reputation and increase its repertoire, the more students will consume its content. This support is vital to the sustainability of a journalism staff, and there are many avenues in media to garner it.

In the case of Mountain Vista Media, branding and constant presence on every online platform and in every print publication were key to getting the community invested in our work.


Our logo was stamped on every piece of news we published, therefore it needed to clearly mark the work of our program and consistently symbolize our role in the school. We updated the theme of our logo while keeping the characters consistent to illustrate our involvement in holidays and special events at the school. Doing so raised public awareness of our program and our mission as journalists to be a source of news for the school. As the prominence of our profile increased, so did the number of readers interested in both our print publications and online distribution of content.


We altered our logo to match the most recent Wish Week and temporarily adopted the theme on each of our social media accounts and website. Presenting this unified concept notified the school that we were the source to look for information regarding the week and exposed them to the stories we shared. Not only did this increase our readership, it widened our impact on the students.


As an editor group, we agree upon the design of staff t-shirts every year that we use to promote connection among staff members but also as a method of advertising our work. On distribution day for each issue of the Eagle Eye, we all wore our staff shirts to make the school aware of the fact that a new issue was out. We posted group photos of each of our periods in their shirts posing with the magazines to promote our work.


Consistent design elements in our publications also served to advertise our program and its work. On the back cover of every newsmagazine, we included the logos of each of our social media accounts as well as a header for our website. Any student who picked up the Eagle Eye was directed to our other platforms for news, adding to our audience.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 1.26.36 AM

These logos appeared on the back of our Wish Week special issue

IMG-1321I designed this visual on the introduction page for the feature on our Wish Kid in the Wish Week special issue of the Eagle Eye. Prior to the release of that issue, we posted the design on our Twitter account with a message encouraging students to pick up our magazines. The school was eager to learn about the new Wish Kid, as they only knew her name, so this visual attracted the attention of students in anticipation for the Eagle Eye.

Personal Entrepreneurship

Outside of MVM, I recently engaged in a business project of my own, using the skills I have learned as a journalist to promote the work of a local business owner, Coach Wags. Wags runs a personal fitness and training gym, where he coaches teens (many from my school) and adults of all ages. He contacted me through my brother, a member of the gym, and asked if I would be willing to create a video illustrating his business. I am currently working on the video and have discussed a number of other ideas with the owner, which we are planning to implement to promote his business. As of now, Coach Wags has no social media accounts or websites representing his business, so it has been a very challenging and beneficial experience to brainstorm with him how he will go about advertising and drawing in more members.

This segment is an example video I sent to Coach Wags using the video I have collected of him and my brother in the process of gathering interviews, video and photo of his members. When I am able to collect enough content for all of the members he has in mind, we will post the video on YouTube or a developed website

Business Ideas

» Create a monthly newsletter published online and to members of the gym featuring a “member of the month” who has achieved something significant as a part of the gym or exemplifies dedicated work ethic.

» Film and photograph members monthly to update a gym gallery online.

Senior Photos

In October, I was asked by a senior at the school if I would be willing to take his senior photos. This was an awesome opportunity for me to use my talents as a journalist for business.

Senior Ivan de la Garza

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