The power of video stories in the media world is strong because of the fact that the audience has the opportunity to view a story firsthand and the ability of film to capture emotions as the develop over time. This form of visual story telling is also effective in covering sporting events with narrative that enhances the audience’s understanding of the game.

The potential of video to make an impact on viewers is also effective in short clips that give students glimpses into a story in progress. As a member of MVM, I have had the opportunity to get into creating all three of these forms of multimedia, but I will admit that it is difficult. My ability to produce high-quality videography and multimedia content, however, has increased as I have focused on improving the skill this year.


My knowledge of sports analysis and play-by-play announcing is limited, so in the area of broadcast my strength lies in producing the live stream and running camera. It is engaging to be in the process of a broadcast because of the fact that the event is being reported live and the team is responsible for keeping the audience up-to-date.

For this broadcast of the varsity ice hockey team’s game against Monarch High School, I served as a producer for the team and ran the camera during the live stream.


I only dove into telling stories with video this year because I found a fascination with its ability to tell stories in a different manner than the typical mediums I use. It can capture emotion in real time and has the potential to make the audience more immersed in the story.

I edited this video together after following our school’s Wish Kid around Nordstrom for her makeup session and preparation for a fan bash the day after our Wish Week assembly. I was the only witness to this moment from the school and I knew that it was important for me to share the story with the audience. Looking back, I admit that this video jumps around in terms of sound levels and could have been edited to flow better, but I am proud of my effort to film this moment because it was important to students. I created a video because Gabby’s excitement and famous sassy attitude was captured most thoroughly in film.

A sophomore cross country runner at the school was recently awarded the Colorado women’s cross country runner of the year award by Gatorade, and her passion for the sport and character as an athlete provided an opportunity to tell her story using video. I, along with a team of staff members, gathered interviews and information on the runner and spent time filming b-roll. When we collected all of our content, I edited it to create our video. This was my first experience video editing and I challenged myself to provide the video with the most professional look possible. However, there are points in the video where my only recently-developed knowledge of multimedia leads to inconsistencies in the flow of the video. That being said, I am confident that we captured a meaningful story with the video and helped our viewers to understand the person behind the award.


Multimedia Posts

I have found that oftentimes short clips of video are an effective manner of allowing the audience to glimpse a story. I focused on posting these kind of clips on Twitter, as well as encouraging other editors and staff to do the same, to be easily and rapidly viewed by the audience.

I suggested that another editor post this video they had taken on our account following a unified basketball game because it illustrated the spirit of the athletes as they played their sport in front of the fans.

I published this on our Twitter account because there were only a few students with access to this moment and the video allowed our entire audience to take a look at the process of Gabby getting ready for the assembly.

After filming this video at a varsity hockey game, I posted it with the others because it perfectly captured the unity of the student body.

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