My personal favorite medium of story telling is the world of photojournalism. The emotion that can be captured in a fraction of a second has an uncanny ability to tell the story of the entire moment without requiring anything more than a caption. I made it my mission this year to capture the overall story of the school by telling the story of individual students as they competed, reacted, performed and participated in every type of school event, one photo at a time.

The meaning I have found in my school and journalism through this outlet sparked my intense passion in the profession of a photojournalist and inspired me to pursue this career path as I graduate high school. I hope to continue improving my abilities in this universal form of storytelling, as well as with every form of journalism, for use in the professional world one day.


Mountain Vista has a wide range of successful sports teams, and students are captivated with the progress of all Golden Eagle sports as the teams progress throughout their seasons.

Emotion and Feature

The most powerful photos are shot in moments of extreme passion and emotion. Whether this be in reaction to a sporting event, the power in the life of an everyday student, or the passion by which students work on their hobbies. The opportunity to capture the lives of students and many unique perspectives of the school lies in feature photography. Included in the following gallery are the photos I took in my coverage of Wish Week, which tell a powerful story of a child diagnosed with Leukemia, Gabby, who is able to forget about her struggle for a short time as her wish to be famous is granted.

Photographing the State Football Championship

Although my school’s varsity football team did not make it to the game, I received the incredible opportunity to photograph the 5A state championship game between Eagle Crest and Pomona High School and shadow Paul Disalvo, a member of Colorado Community Media. The intensity and high level of play made for an action packed game.

Landscape and Nature

My passion for photography has also led me take my camera with me into nature as well as developed my ability to shoot underwater photos. I enjoy capturing these beautiful and powerful images personally because, by posting them for my own audience, I can attempt to make a difference in the conservation of the environment, an issue I care about. The following photos are from dive trips I took to Rivera Maya, Mexico, Playa del Carmen, Mexico and Hawaii.


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