Our multiple social media platforms were our primary way of immediately connecting to our student audience this year and were an effective outlet for sharing our stories and getting our audience invested in our content.

Using Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, we constantly updated our followers on sporting events, school events, and any other news occurring in the community. By accessing one of our accounts, a viewer could easily find themselves navigating across our other platforms, including to more in-depth content on our website, with the information and links we posted to integrate our productions. Most importantly, the content we posted online was both rapid and reliable, communicating relevant facts and information to our audience constantly.


We often used the Vista Now twitter account to provide live updates on sporting events, poll students regarding their opinions on modern issues and to update the student body with upcoming events. Any content that we published on the website was also linked here, as well as on every other platform, drawing the audience from short-from story moments on Twitter to our more in-depth content.

One method we used to involve the students more actively in our social media accounts was by organizing contests that related to the weeks events with prizes such as tickets to sporting events. We put on a competition for every day of our recent Wish Week to draw the students in to the updates from our accounts.

Polls were a method of making our Twitter account interactive for its viewers as well as for our program to gain an understanding of what issues are important to students. I tweeted this on the night of President Trump’s State of the Union Address to gauge the interest of students.

Providing live updates of high school, college, and professional level sporting events was another purpose for our Twitter account. Students have a vested interest in athletics around the country and in the community, and it was our responsibility to educate them on the events they cared about. I live-tweeted the National Championship college football game, beginning with this tweet.

Another role of our presence on social media was to notify students of upcoming events. I tweeted this regarding an upcoming charity dance.

The results of local sports were of vital importance to our audience, and we did our best to tweet live, accurate results as they came in for all major events.


The popularity of our Snapchat account boomed this year as we became more active with our story updates and student involvement. This became perhaps the most-consumed method of reaching the audience, and it was an effective tool for telling stories both visually and with captions. It was also a more informal tool for journalism, which seemed to resonate with the audience.

In order to encourage more student interaction with our Snapchat account, we implemented periodic “Snapchat Takeovers” by members of a team, organization, or other group. Our goal with these events, which we announced on all of our platforms, was to show students the story of their peers through the eyes of their peers rather than those of Mountain Vista Media.

This is a portion of a Snapchat story I composed during the announcement assembly for the total money raised during Wish Week. The story of a typical event consisted of a few still images and videos, both with captions, for the audience to view as if they were in the moment.


Our style on Instagram was the usage of powerful images and in-depth three-part captions to show our audience what a day in the life of a student at Vista is like as well as the inclusion of consistent updates about stories underway in the building.

View this post on Instagram

THE WEEK IN PHOTOS Wish Week took a school of more than 2,000 students and united it toward one cause: making Gabby famous. Here is the story of the events and people that made the powerful week happen. #theweekinphotos #makegabbyfamous #mvwishweek – Junior Abby Jensen greets students as they arrive at the school on Monday and distributes ribbons to kick off Wish Week. “My favorite part about Wish Week is the happiness and excitement you see through the halls and the fact that you are helping someone who has a life-threatening disease feel special for one week,” Jensen said. – Senior Jarrett Cesmat performs his original song, “Battleground”, at the Vista Idol Talent Show. He placed first with his performance. – Junior Colin Bean finishes a spike at the Ruff N’ Tuff volleyball tournament. Bean and his teammates, seniors Chris Barnett and Jacob Holmgren, were the tournament champions. – The student body gathers in the main gym during Advisement to cheer and make a video for Gabby in preparation for the star’s appearance the next day. – Senior Dani Mills fights for the ball during the Wish Week women’s varsity basketball game against ThunderRidge High School. The Golden Eagles defeated their rival, 60-29. – Gabby autographs the shirt of her personal assistant, senior Rickey Cooper, prior to her appearance in “Vista Live” and the rave. “[My favorite part of being famous] is writing autographs,” Gabby said. – The student body dances to the music of DJ Austin Pawelka, a.k.a. Paws the Music. The assembly was organized by Student Leadership, Paws the Music and the Be a Good Person brand and the equipment was donated by Crowdsurf and Nexus. – Senior Grace Matsey and sophomore Carter Cingrani sift through buckets to count the total money raised for Gabby and the Make-A-Wish Foundation during the assembly Miracle Minute. The overall sum for Wish Week will be announced this week. – Gabby models one of many dresses she tried on at Nordstrom in order to prepare for her bash at the Hard Rock Cafe on Saturday. – The Wish Kid walks down the red carpet, surrounded by fans, into her bash and autographing session at the Hard Rock Cafe. – Photos by Gabe Barnard

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Note: the formatting of this post is not correct when embedded on this page. For a more legible version of the post, please visit here.

I gathered this series of images over the course of Wish Week, writing captions for each and posting them in a “Week in Photos” post on our Instagram account. For such a meaningful and unifying week, it was powerful for the student body to be able to review a visual recap of the events and people that made the week so amazing.

This year, a Freight Farm, essentially a miniature sustainable-farming warehouse, was placed at our school. To make students aware of the new addition and to provide a greater understanding of its process and purpose, I published this photo and caption on our account.

During Homecoming Week, an Advisement class at the school built a castle out of cardboard boxes to encourage students to get in the spirit of the week. Many students noticed the fort after its construction, so this post served to tell the story of the class that spent their morning to build it for the peers.

More examples of my social media and web coverage can be found throughout my portfolio.

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