As a member of my high school media staff, my photo assignments focused on all aspects of student life, especially the moments when the student body was united for a common cause. This was especially true of the students during a time of the year like Wish Week, when the school was assigned a Wish Kid, Gabby, from the Make-A-Wish Foundation to raise money for in hopes of making her dream of being famous a reality. The school hosted a multitude of fundraisers and events themed according to Gabby’s wish and raised a total of $158,024 in the process. The photos displayed in this section aimed to capture and tell the story of a student body capable of producing this kind of energy and connection through school events and student organizations every year.


Gabby’s personal assistant, senior Rickey Cooper, has his shirt signed by the star prior to her appearance in the Wish Week closing assembly. “[My favorite part about being famous] is signing autographs because I like writing them,” Gabby said.


Gabby laughs in response to a joke made by senior Val Urquhart during the “Vista Live” television show. The hosts of the talk show, Urquhart and senior Alex Leavy, also interviewed representatives from the Be a Good Person brand and Make-A-Wish Foundation.


Senior Grace Matsey and sophomore Carter Cingrani sift through buckets to count the total amount of money raised during the Miracle Minute of the Wish Week closing assembly.



Gabby (Right), dances with Kenyan, the previous year’s Wish Kid, on a concert stage in front of the student body.




Senior Jarret Cesmat performs his original song, “Battleground”, at the Vista Idol Talent Show during Wish Week. The intended message of Cesmat’s song was to encourage students to do something for someone else for a change

This one

Senior Luke Riechert leans leans back in anticipation of the result of a tug-of-war competition with Rock Canyon High School. “The game itself was sad but the back and forth between the two crowds was awesome,” Riechert said. The ribbon was pulled across the line on the Rock Canyon side, leaving the Golden Eagles defeated in the contest.


Senior Gino Fornaro hypes up the student body as the varsity volleyball team prepares to face Rock Canyon High School in their October pink game.


Accompanied by 33 other student athletes, senior Matt Johnson signs his letter of intent to play baseball for Bethany Lutheran College.

IMG_2782 copy 2

Senior Jake Stein directs the student body in a cheer during the varsity volleyball team’s pink game in October.


Acting in her role as Wednesday in Stage Flight Theater’s musical, “The Addams Family”, senior Alysa Carpenter reacts to her destruction of a flower. The musical was so popular among the community that tickets were sold out within a day of being put on sale.

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