About Me

My career in journalism began the second semester of my freshman year in high school, when I took a Journalism One class that sparked my interest in what I would eventually find to be a passion. I joined the Mountain Vista Media (MVM) staff my sophomore year as a reporter and received the opportunity to tell the stories of students at my school through two publications, the Eagle Eye Newsmagazine and the Aerie Yearbook, as well as multiple online platforms. As I continued my career in the program and moved from a position as editor to editor-in-chief, I dove deeper into story telling and became strongly invested in reporting accurate and relevant news that left an impact on my community.

In the process of sharing stories and news with the school, I built a variety of skills that shape my ability and versatility as a journalist today. I learned how to seek out depth in my photos and writing and design meaningfully for both of our publications. I also learned to value the vital responsibility of a journalist to tell these stories in an ethical manner. Eventually, I grew to teach others the same skills and concepts as a leader in the program.

Following my experience in high school, I have continued to photograph events and activities I am involved in and hope to find more opportunities to improve myself and be involved as a journalist in the future.

The following compilation of my work was produced with the utmost passion for the truth and depth which all journalists should seek to convey. It represents the investment I have made in the people residing in my community and school and the impact that I strive to leave behind every day.


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